First installing Enlightenment DR-17 source code via svn following these instructions, "Installing Enlightenment DR-17 from cvs source".

Updated 27 February 2011.

Option 1:

Get the script from eXchange or directly from here. Place the script somewhere in your $PATH. The script may have to be updated (ie by hand with a text editor) depending on what the eDevelopers are up to. Try it as is, if it works, good, if it fails, well not so good.

There are two basic ways it will fail. The first is the script will fail during the source download phase. If it fails then, remove the offending library file from the Mind you it will be listed in two places so use the search function to find them.

The second place the script is
likely for fail is during the build process. At which case it's not the scripts fault, but operator error. Some dependency is missing. The error message will tell what is missing ( the tmp/log file will also list what happened ). Apt-get what is missing and restart the easy_e17. script with " -i -s", this will skip re-downloading the source files and will pick-up from where it failed.

Their is a third
likely (very likely) way in which the script fails, it os neither the fault of the script or operator error, but rather that the eDevelopers are mucking 'bout with some source code. There is not much one can do in this case other then to wait. Aye, one can delve into the failed log file and see if they can sort out the problem. Or one can go to the Enlightenment Forum looking for a solution (good luck with that). I have found that simply waitting till there is a new version is the quickest & easiest thing to do. Just re-run the (with just the -i flag) and when it updates the library that failed to build source you should be good to go (or maybe not if the eDevelopers are in a particular feisty mode).

There you have at it.

Step 5: Booting into e17.

Well I'm not going to tell an experienced debian user how to login to their system, but the command to start e17 is "enlightenment_start".  Any standard window display manager (KDM, GDM, XDM & WDM) should pick up e17 automaticlly, if not then one needs to configure their window display manager of choice by hand.  E17 does come with it's own window display manager called Entrance.  And last but not least, command line & startx or no window display manager at all.

Option 2: Build your own script.

So you would rather build your own script, fair play to ya, have at it. Just remember to follow the build order after downloading all the source code. I'd offer examples of some I've made, but they are shite compaired to the one, so your on your own.